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About Us

The Minnesota Association of Sober Homes, Inc., or M.A.S.H. for short, was formed in the summer of 2007 in an attempt to form a unified voice for owners of sober houses in situations where a public voice became necessary.

Leadership & Administration

The organization is run by a board, currently consisting of:

Barb Madigan, President
John Curtiss, Vice President
John Larson, Secretary
Randy Young, Treasurer

Additionally, we employ an administrator:

Will Lycan, Administrator

You may contact any of these people using our contact form.  



All of the homes in the MASH network have been inspected and received a passing grade for a set of standards we insist members uphold in their homes. These standards are outlined here.


  • Smoke detectors in all sleeping rooms
  • Fire extinguisher in kitchen
  • Minimum two exits
  • Property address posted in front, and back, if alley is present
  • Smoking is prohibited in hazardous areas
  • Approved safety disposal containers for cigarettes
  • No extension cords or electrical outlets pose a hazard
  • No piles of newspapers, clothes or other stored materials create a fire hazard
  • Building meets local building and safety codes


  • No signs of roach or pest infestations
  • Kitchen and appliances are clean and well maintained
  • Minimum 1 refrigerator for every 7 residents
  • Refrigerators temperature reads 36 to 44 degrees and freezers at approximately 0
  • Adequate and clean food storage space
  • Bathrooms are clean and orderly
  • Minimum 1 bathroom for every 7 residents
  • Furniture and furnishings are clean and of reasonable quality
  • Sleeping rooms provide all residents with adequate space

House Management

  • Management has completed sober housing workshop
  • Clear acceptance criteria for all applicants
  • Personal information sheet is kept for all residents
  • All residents sign a resident agreement
  • Rules are in place for key issues
  • Residents have a significant role in the management of the home
  • Management does not provide clinical recovery or treatment services as defined by state licensing
  • Management has signed a code of ethics agreement
  • Building and grounds are well kept and consistent with the neighborhood

Code of Ethics

All member home owners and staff have agreed to operate by a code of ethics that states:

  1. They will be dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all those we serve. At all times managers or other staff shall treat each resident with respect and dignity.
  2. They will maintain an alcohol and drug free environment.
  3. They will maintain quality housing that is consistent with the quality of the neighborhood. Demonstrate activities that benefit the immediate neighbors.
  4. Staff members who are alcoholic and/or chemically dependent must be clean and sober at least 1 year and remain abstinent and actively involved in a Twelve Step program of recovery. Staff members who are not alcoholics or chemically dependent remain alcohol free during performance hours and be free from chemical use problems.
  5. No physical violence or threats of violence is ever tolerated in the home.
  6. Managers or other staff shall never become romantically or sexually involved with a resident or anyone the sober living home is assisting.
  7. Managers or other staff shall never become involved with resident’s financial or business affairs. This covers borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property or other financial transactions.
  8. Managers or other staff — Respect the privacy and personal rights of all residents.
  9. Assure that no weapons are allowed on sober living premises.
  10. Adhere to the Management, Health, Safety and Staff standards set forth.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to years of experience, know-how and heritage in the sober home field
  • Participation in a rich exchange of knowledge and experience with like-minded professionals
  • Tap into a wealth of wisdom as we envision our future and value our past
  • Become inspired and energized by new ideas grounded in rich tradition and immersed in the spirit of recovery
  • Learn how to design and operate quality recovery environments from those who are living it
  • Experience the fellowship of like-minded professionals grounded in the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Participate in the annual peer-oriented, training and education conference
  • Listing in the membership directory
  • Networking with the Halfway House and Recovery Home field
  • Further validate the quality of your programs and services through membership participation in MASH’s program standards
  • Promote the quality of your staff through participation in MASH’s certified recovery specialist credentialing process