Allied Sober Living

Stephen Bona, Owner


Minneapolis and Columbia Heights

Genders Served
Men, Women, LGBT

$650 monthly programming fee
$400 recovery deposit

We provide high quality sober housing for men and women in the Twin Cities.


  • Must be an self-admitted addict or alcoholic by admission
  • Must be completely detoxed
  • Must be at least 30 days sober
  • Must work for a program of recovery including three (3) 12-step meetings a week (AA, NA, CA, etc.), as well as weekly face-to-face sponsorship in order to actively work the 12 steps of recovery
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must not be on house arrest
  • Must be employed, looking for employment, enrolled in school, volunteering, or doing some structured activities at least 20 hours per week
  • It is required that residents stay a minimum of 6 months
  • Must attend weekly house meeting