Aurora House

Ann Costello-Junge


St. Paul’s Summit / University neighborhood

Genders Served

The Aurora House is a spectacular Queen Ann on the national register of historic homes – superb original architectural detail, natural woodwork, leaded windows, hardwood floors, grand staircase, and tower are combined with completely renovated bathrooms, kitchen and house mechanics.

It is a safe, warm, inviting home where women in early recovery can find the structure, accountability and support they need to survive the pitfalls of early sobriety, and the resources to build a strong recovery program. The community of women lend each other strength and wisdom as they do the hard work of finding balance and learn to live a life that supports long term, sustainable recovery.

$850 per month
$400 deposit


  • Agree to make their recovery program their first priority.
  • Follow a program of recovery including: a minimum of three 12 step meetings per week; have a sponsor and meet weekly, and have one service commitment per week.
  • Follow recommendations of their treatment team.
  • Work, volunteer or attend school a minimum of 25 hours per week.   
  • Must attend weekly house meeting to discuss recovery or house related issues.