Coordinated Recovery


Walker House
Topher M, House Manager
732.861.6869 mobile

Grand House
Chuck H, House Manager
920.217.2247 mobile

Park House
Jason R, House Manager
612.232.7835 mobile


South Minneapolis

Genders Served
Men, Women, Transgender

$500 deposit
$600-$750 per month
$20 – $25 monthly supplies fee

Coordinated Recovery offers case management services with increased levels of care as needed. Paired with a case manager, we help ensure that you’re stable, working with your providers, and don’t have any doubts about what’s the next step in your recovery process. Our homes are located in South Minneapolis with close proximity to treatment programs, meetings, public transportation and all the benefits that the city offers.

  • Live-in house managers
  • Sunday evening in-house AA or NA meeting with outside leaders
  • All furnishings
  • House Computer
  • Wireless hi-speed internet
  • Free laundry machines
  • Streaming television
  • Air Conditioning


  • Maintain your sobriety
  • Attend at least three 12-step meetings a week
  • Meet with a 12-step sponsor regularly
  • Do not become sexually involved with another resident
  • Attend weekly house meetings on Sunday evenings
  • Maintain a full time job, school or volunteer schedule
  • Perform a house chore


Walker House

Grand House

Park House