Journey’s Homes

Faith Terry


St. Paul

Genders Served

$650 per month
$300 deposit

At Journey’s Homes, LLC, we provide our residents with every possibility of maintaining and achieving permanent sobriety, while allowing individuals in recovery to assume and uphold responsibilities, to foster connections with peers, and to work toward fully independent living to facilitate them back into society.


  • Be at least 30 days sober
  • The ability to thrive in a group living environment
  • Be working an active program of recovery including two (2) 12-step meetings a week (AA, NA, CA, etc.), as well as weekly face-to-face sponsorship in order to actively work the 12 steps of recovery
  • Attend IOP, employed, looking for employment, enrolled in school, volunteering, or doing some structured activities at least 20 hours per week
  • Attend weekly house meeting to ensure the house is running smoothly
  • Minimum of a three-month stay