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Rejuvenate Homes

Doug Desenberg


St. Paul – Merriam Park and Highland

Genders Served
Male and Female

The purpose of Rejuvenate Homes is to give individuals in recovery the opportunity to adjust to living, working, and attending recovery meetings while living in a clean and sober environment surrounded by supportive people in recovery. We are committed to offering high quality housing for men. The house is equipped with all the amenities and utilities necessary to be comfortable and begin rebuilding lives including individualized rooms, high speed internet, premium cable, and weekly house cleaning services. We provide just the right amount of structure and personal accountability to ensure our residents achieve their goals as well as to help them transition back to a productive and non-abusive lifestyle.

$550 – $950 Monthly Program Fee
$300 – $500 Deposit


  • 21 days of sobriety to move in
  • Attend 3 AA meetings per week and have a sponsor.
  • Attend all weekly house community meetings and special house meetings. Understand that this is essential for recovery and our community.
  • Work, attend school, or volunteer while residing at Rejuvenate Homes.
  • Encouraged to have a service commitment to AA, the community, or events.
  • A household chore.
  • Show pride in being a resident. This is your house.