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American Sober Living


Ila (Admissions)



Minnetonka, Edina

Genders Served



$675-$875 Monthly (Varies on room size and home. Includes all costs—there are NO hidden fees)

$500 Deposit (Refundable)


American Sober Living offers a safe and sober living environment in the upscale neighborhoods of Minnetonka and Edina, Minnesota.

Together you can succeed! You don’t have to go it alone. American Sober Living is based on the proven knowledge that living with others in a supportive environment of recovery increases your success in remaining sober. 

Our goal is to create a community of men in recovery that have transformed their thinking, feelings, and behavior to foster the choice of life-long sobriety where they have the opportunity to thrive and give back to the world, courageously facing life’s challenges with honesty, conviction, integrity, humility, and gratitude. 

  • Homes are completely furnished and professionally decorated
  • Kitchens and BBQs to prepare your own meals
  • Free high-speed internet with Wifi
  • Multiple TV entertainment areas in each home
  • Off street parking available
  • Free onsite washers and dryers
  • Abundant dresser and closet space
  • Men willing to support one another in their sobriety


Requirements are in place to support your recovery.

  • Be and remain sober abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and gambling
  • Attend weekly house meeting
  • Attend three recovery-type meetings or (AA, NA, 12-step or similar) per week
  • Work, volunteer, attend out-patient counseling or school a minimum 20 hours per week
  • Have and maintain communications with a sponsor or similar
  • Commit to a minimum 3 month stay
  • Keep room and home clean and orderly and complete an assigned household chore
  • Be financially responsible and current with monthly participation fee