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Bright Spot Sober Living


Angie LaBelle, Senior House Manager

Valerie Quintana, Owner


South Minneapolis

The first 2 houses are in a residential neighborhood. The second 2 are in an urban Uptown area. (Distances from NuWay Blaisdell South included in parentheses)

  • House 1 / Women – 44th & Portland Avenue area (25 minutes bus, 14 minutes car, 19 minutes bike)
  • House 2 / Men – 40th & Portland Avenue area (24 minutes bus, 13 minutes car, 17 minutes bike)
  • House 3 / Women – 25th & Pillsbury Avenue area (2 minutes car, 2 minutes bike, 7 minutes walk)
  • House 4 / Women – 23rd & Bryant Avenue area (8 minutes bus, 4 minutes car, 4 minutes bike, 12 minutes walk)

Genders Served


$600 – 950 per month
$300 – 400 deposit

  • House 1 – $300 deposit, $600 for shared room, $850 for single (1)
  • House 2 – $300 deposit, $600 for shared room, no singles
  • House 3 – $300 deposit, $600 for shared room, $675 for full-sized bed or larger room, $900 for single (1)
  • House 4 – $400 deposit, $750 for shared room, $825 for full-sized bed, $950 for single (3)


Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives.
– Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 7, Page 89

The mission of Bright Spot Sober Living is to provide a safe, supportive, affordable sober living environment for those coming out of treatment. We foster the empowerment of women and men through independent living, group decision- making and building leadership skills in a community setting with structured accountability. The owners ? Valerie and Richard ? have both been sober for 23 years and continue to be very active in recovery and service. Fun fact: They met on an airplane in 2005 on the way to do service in South Dakota! Richard and Valerie host a monthly potluck and meeting at House 4 for residents, friends and loved ones. Most importantly, they place spiritual principles before financial principles.

House 4 was designed by celebrated Minneapolis architect William Kenyon. This remarkable turn of the century home has been meticulously preserved. Incredible intact period details including quarter sawn oak woodwork, ornate staircase, gorgeous inlaid hardwood floors, original period pantry, vintage Quezal art glass shades and sconces, and unique conservatory-like formal dining room that features artisanal, hand-blocked wallpaper with a design inspired by the Topkapi Palace featured in Louis Comfort Tiffany’s personal estate. Originally built for a Minneapolis doctor and once a renowned bed and breakfast, it is located on a designated bikeway in hip East Lowry Hill near coffee shops, yoga studios and the Wedge Grocery. This home is a true work of art!

Admission Requirements

(Please request a Resident Agreement for a more complete list of requirements and expectations.)

  • Must self-identify as an addict or alcoholic.
  • Must be at least 30 days sober; certain exceptions may apply such as recent intensive outpatient followed by a brief relapse.
  • Must have completed a Residential Treatment Program or have a Rule 25 with outpatient recommendation.
  • Must be stabilized on all medications prior to admission. We do not accept narcotics, stimulants or benzodiazepines. (Yes, even with a doctor?s note, we still do not accept them.) We do accept buprenorphine; must have a lockbox. And methadone is case-by-case basis.
  • Must have strong independent living skills such as taking the bus, managing medications, etc.
  • Must work an active program of recovery including three (3) 12-step meetings a week (AA, NA, CMA, etc.), as well as weekly face-to-face sponsorship in order to actively work the 12 steps of recovery.
  • Must have specific, verifiable plans prior to move-in for 20-40 hours of structured, productive time from one of these four categories: 1) attend intensive outpatient/therapy/aftercare, 2) attend school, 3) be employed or actively looking for employment, or 4) volunteer. The maximum is 40 hours per week so that the focus is on recovery for these first several months clean and sober; it may be increased to 45 hours after a period of time.
  • Must attend a weekly community meeting to ensure the house is running smoothly. The women?s houses meet Monday evenings (time varies by house), while the men meet Tuesday evenings at 6pm.
  • Must have a cell phone with texting and calling abilities at all times upon move-in.
  • Must not be actively engaging in an eating disorder (ED), and be actively treated for an ED when applicable.
  • Must not have engaged in any other self-injurious behavior (cutting, burning, etc.) within the last 30 days.

House 1 (women)

House 2 (men)

House 3 (women)

House 4 (women)