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Central Village Housing

Georgia Jones


St. Paul

Genders Served


When you choose Central Village Housing, you are selecting a recovery living space that puts you close to living independently in the real world. You join forces with other women who are committed to learning how to live independently without a lot of staff scheduling your day-to-day activities.

Admission Requirements

  • Have 14 days of sobriety
  • Ability to strive in a group living environment
  • Ability to attend two recovery meetings weekly
  • Maintain 20 weekly productive hours (IOP, work, school or volunteer)
  • Work with a sponsor weekly
  • Attend weekly house meeting (coffee hour)

$650 – 750 per month (Shared and single rooms)
$50 one time housing fee

Central Village House

  • 2 single rooms
  • 1 double deluxe shared room (private bathroom and deck)
  • 3 shared rooms
  • Enclosed smoking patio

Blair House

  • 2 single rooms
  • 3 shared rooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • 2 living rooms
  • Enclosed backyard