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Great Lakes Sober Living

Brian Annis


Duluth, MN

Genders Served
Men, Women, LGBT

$650 per month shared rooms
$750 per month single rooms
$300 damage deposit


Great Lakes Sober Living offers a structured, safe and caring sober-living environment for individuals to develop the tools to live a meaningful life in recovery. 

We currently have:

  • Men’s “Lakeview” 10+ beds
  • “Log Cabin” 6 beds

Women’s services coming soon  


  • Commitment to a minimum three and preferred six-month stay
  • Active participation in a recovery program Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc. with a minimum of 3 meetings per week
  • At least 30 hours of week of productive time (treatment, employment, school, volunteer hours, etc.)
  • Hold a weekly service commitment to A.A, N.A. or other approved community volunteer activity
  • Attend the house meeting weekly where group inventory and other house issues are discussed as well as an organized 12 step study group
  • Mandatory active 12-step sponsorship with required face to face weekly meetings. This sponsor must be experienced and capable of guiding the newly sober person through the twelve steps
  • Participation housekeeping duties, maintaining your living space in a clean and responsible manner
  • Demonstrate a desire to grasp and develop a healthy sober life