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Landing Point

Victor Nelson, Owner

Minneapolis – near Children’s Hospital off Chicago Ave & 26th Street

Genders Served

Landing Point is a safe, structured home for women starting their recovery after primary treatment. The home is designed to promote staying sober through community living and accountability. There are five shared bedrooms with 10 beds total.

$550 per month
$250 deposit


  • Must be an addict or alcoholic by admission
  • Must be at least 30 days sober
  • Must work an active program of recovery including three (3) 12-step meetings a week (AA, NA, CA, etc.), as well as weekly face-to-face sponsorship in order to actively work the 12 steps of recovery
  • Must be in outpatient treatment, employed, looking for employment, enrolled in school, volunteering, or involved in some structured activity at least 20 hours per week
  • Must attend a weekly community meeting to ensure the house is running smoothly