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Optimist Crew

Sober Living Houses

David Rowley, Owner


St. Paul

Genders Served

$650 monthly fee
$350 deposit

The Optimist Sober Living House opened in November of 2013 with a six bedroom 3 bath, 4400 SF fully renovated home in St. Paul. In August of 2014 we added an additional house located in the same Battle Creek neighborhood. There is on and off street parking with public transportation available at both houses. Several rooms are large singles. There is a full laundry facility at both locations. Cable Television and utilities are included in the programming fees. The live-in managers provide leadership and orientation for new members.

The Optimist Crew Sober Living House is democratically and mutually managed with the goal of supporting all members in maintaining sober living in a supportive family environment.

The Optimist Sober Live House requires the following requirements with the full list included in the formal agreement.

  • Must be Male, 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum Stay of 4 months
  • Comply with house rules and expectations
  • Applicants must be sober prior to moving in
  • Must uphold our commitment to being good neighbors in the community
  • Must attend one outside meeting per week and have a sponsor
  • Must attend one weekly house meeting
  • Comply with assigned house chores
  • Must comply with zero tolerance for violence or any kind of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • No pets of any kind
  • Work Volunteer or attend school at least 32 hours per week
  • No overnight guests