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The Retreat



St. Paul

Genders Served
Men, Women

The community of St Paul is one of the most vibrant recovery communities in the country. We operate six long-term sober-living Residences (77 beds) in St Paulís historic Crocus Hill neighborhood which serve as transitional, self-governing sober living facilities for men and women. The Residences give individuals the opportunity to practice the principles of recovery in their daily lives.  With close proximity to AA meetings, coffee houses and employment opportunities, residents become fully immersed in the recovery community and are provided the time, structure and support essential to building a strong foundation of recovery.

Housed separately, men and women work closely with sponsors to create a safe and supportive environment while establishing a solid foundation for recovery.


$575 – $850 per month
$300 deposit


  • Six month commitment
  • Minimum 4 AA meetings per week
  • Work closely with AA sponsor
  • Attend weekly house meeting & Big Book study
  • Maintain weekly service commitment
  • Work full time
  • Pay bills on time