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Wisdom Recovery Homes


Abby Anderson




Genders served



$550 – 750 Monthly fee
$250 Deposit


The mission of Wisdom Recovery Homes to live less out of habit and more out of intent. We provide a structured, secure, supportive and peaceful sober living environment that is affordable for men seeking a better direction in life. 

  • Structured expectations with recovery in mind.
  • Furnished with comfort in mind
  • Affordable single or double rooms available 
  • 1 kitchen, 2 bath, 
  • Wi-Fi available and 1 common area TVs
  • Convenient location: less than 1 mile from Downtown Cambridge, bus 
  • Help navigating a path to a better future!


  • Must sober for at least 30 days or just completed a recovery program (willing to discuss exceptions)
  • Must abstain from drugs, alcohol or mood altering substances. 
  • Must be willing to submit to random drug testing
  • Must regularly work with a sponsor
  • Must attend three 12 step meetings or other recovery focused meetings per week (or 2 and Local church service)
  • Must keep home tidy and complete designated chores
  • Must abide by curfews, visiting rules and overnight allowances
  • Must have at least 20 hours of productive time (work, volunteering, treatment) per week but no more than 40
  • Must abide by everything in participation agreement which will be discussed and signed